Conference Highlights and Contest Winners


2012 Poetry Undergraduate:

1st place: Clara Bush sponsored by William Wenthe Texas Tech University

2nd place: Nina Avila sponsored by Philip Zwerling University of Texas Pan American

2012 Poetry Graduate:

There were no graduate poetry entries this year.


2012 Creative Non-fiction Undergraduate:

1st place: Michael Wade for "On Water" sponsored by Charlotte Gullick Austin Community College

2nd place: Rebekah Grace Hernandez for "Covered" sponsored by Al Haley Abilene Christian University

3rd place: Erika Liesman for "One Size Fits All" sponsored by Lowell Mick White Texas A&M


2012 Creative Non-Fiction Graduate:

1st place: Ruth Grace Megnet for "The Typewriter" sponsored by Jerry Bradley Lamar University

2nd place: LeeAnn Oliver for "Love Like Seawater" sponsored by Betty Wiesepape University of Texas at Dallas

3rd place: Carson Baker for "Whore" sponsored by Joe O'Connell St. Edwards University


2012 Fiction Graduate:

1st place: "Peeling" by Latoya Watkins sponsored by Clay Reynolds University of Texas at Dallas

2nd place: "Chasing Jane" by Jaime Netzer sponsored by Miles Wilson of Texas State, San Marcos


2012 Fiction Undergraduate:

1st place: "Dust" by Alaina Bray sponsored by Jerry Bradley of Lamar University

2nd place: "Sense of Self" by D'Angelo Henderson sponsored by Betty Wiesepape University of Texas at Dallas


Congratulations to all the winners and their sponsors, and thank you to all who entered the contests this year. Please keep the contests in mind for next year and keep encouraging and promoting the talents of our exceptional student writers—Melissa Morphew, Contest Coordinator.


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