Student Writing Contests


TACWT contests continue to promote and highlight positive accomplishments of our association and open many doors for our winners. Winners enjoy professional experience while building CV lines, confidence, potential for publication, and a $100 prize.

Submission Policies

1. Manuscripts must have been written in a class or as an independently graded project (such as acapstone portfolio, thesis, or dissertation project) within the last academic year, including summer school. That means: Summer 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, and Summer 2014.
2. Manuscripts must not contain the student’s name anywhere on the manuscript. Manuscripts must be identified by title only.
3. In the body of the email, state the title of manuscript, the student’s name, the name of the competition genre and level (e.g. undergraduate nonfiction), the sponsoring member and school. This information helps us identify the winners, so make certain that the information is correct in the email and that ONLY the title appears on the manuscript. For poetry submissions, please include all titles of poems in the submission in your email.
4. Prose should not exceed 15 pages (double-spaced with one-inch margins and 12-point type), and poetry should not exceed six pages but should include 3 to 5 poems, single-spaced.
5. The contest is open to creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Sponsors may enter once in each genre and level (six entries total).
6. Sponsors must be members of TACWT. We do have a list of current members who are up to date with their dues. We will not name a winner if the sponsor is not a member in good standing.
7. Of course, all manuscripts must be word processed.


Contest submissions must be sent to Melissa Morphew at as PDF or RTF files only. We will NOT accept paper submissions. Please write "TACWT contest" in the email subject line.

2014 Judges:


Submission deadline is 11:59pm June 15

Winners will be announced late August 2014



about us

The Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (TACWT) is a community of secondary and higher education teachers and professors, workshop facilators, students, and individual writers.

Much of our work focuses on proliferating literary arts in Texas. Notably, our members and guests gather annually for a conference in a Texas city wherein we share scholarly presentations on creative writing pedagogy and enjoy readings by individual members. 

We sponsor annual student writing contests and literary magazine/journal contests.

We encourage and support the vibrancy of literary arts, presses, and publishing.


Cheryl Clements

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