2014 Conference


You still have time to submit for this year's conference. The submission deadline is now August 1, 2014


Location: This year’s TACWT conference will take place at the Hotel Adolphus in Dallas, Texas, from September 18-20, 2014  


Room Reservations: $123.00 for deluxe king (single or double occupancy) and deluxe two beds (single or double occupancy) $143.00 (triple rate) and $163.00 (quad rate) for deluxe two beds. See this link for booking information.

Banquet: Skip Hollandsworth will give the banquet presentation at 7:00 p.m., Friday, September 19 (Hotel Adolphus).

John Bloom will speak during a special session 10:00-11:00 a.m. on Friday, September 19 (Hotel Adolphus).

Registration Information:

Regular: $25 TACWT membership fee (required) and $30 conference registration at the door or sumbitted early to Daniel Bartlett, TACWT Treasurer at Lamar University, Box 10060, Beaumont, TX, 77710.

Students: $15 membership fee and $10 conference registration.

Institutional: $150 membership fee and all individual membership fees are waived for faculty at that institution but registration fees still apply.

Program Information: TBA

All members of TACWT may request to present at our conference. Students are highly encouraged to present.

1) Readings from original work: Panels for Original Poetry, Fiction (including screenwriting and playwriting), and Creative Nonfiction

2) Open Panels: Requests for panels shall not involve readings from original works but rather a topic for discussion. Requests should be accompanied by a description of the panel’s topic and the bio for each member who will be participating on it.

3) Panel: How to Generate New Material and Keep Writing in spite of all diversions, time drains, and writer's block: Participants on this panel will share writing exercises--for poetry, fiction, or nonfiction--that help us begin/find new ideas for our work when we’ve just finished a project or are facing the blank page. Panelists will offer at least three exercises each on a handout and will talk about one of them in particular in the panel itself.

4) Panel: Writers Using Social Media, Self-publishing, etc. to Promote Their Work: Panelists will discuss how they’re using Facebook, Twitter, book trailers, YouTube, personal websites, even blogs to promote their work—whether books, readings, or magazine publications. They’ll offer helpful hints on using these tools to develop a following as well as the pros and cons for using them. We’re looking for success stories as well as disasters!

5) Panel: How to get published: Panelists will describe their own paths to publication.

6) Panel: What Are You Reading? Panelists should see this as an opportunity to present something like a book review. Writers will talk about the books they’re reading now, especially if those books are related and can be compared one to another. What new books should writers be reading?

7) Pedagogy Panel: Best practices for teaching writing: What have you learned about teaching creative writing that we all should know?

8) Panel: How does a writer thrive in academia?

9) Open Panels: Requests for panels shall not involve readings from original works but rather a topic for discussion. Requests should be accompanied by a description of the panel’s topic and the bio for each member who will be participating on it.

Send your top two choices and requests to be on the program, accompanied by a current bio, before August 1, 2014.

Please let us know if you have any questions before sending your request. Please include date and time restrictions, equipment requests, and any other accommodations required. We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

Send all submissions to TACWT Secretary Steve Sherwood at s.sherwood@tcu.edu.


Remember that you must be a TACWT member to present at the conference.  For the most current information on the conference, please check the TACWT website at http://www.tacwt.org/tacwtconference.html.

About us

The Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers (TACWT) is a community of secondary and higher education teachers and professors, workshop facilators, students, and individual writers.

Much of our work focuses on proliferating literary arts in Texas. Notably, our members and guests gather annually for a conference in a Texas city wherein we share scholarly presentations on creative writing pedagogy and enjoy readings by individual members. 

We sponsor annual student writing contests and literary magazine/journal contests.

We encourage and support the vibrancy of literary arts, presses, and publishing.


Cheryl Clements

Secretary: Steve Sherwood
Treasurer: Daniel Bartlett
Web master: David Wallace
Student Competition Coordinator: Melissa Morphew
Prose Program Coordinator: Jim Sanderson
Poetry Program Coordinator: Lyman Grant
Special Topics Program Coordinator: Steve Sherwood


Annual Individual Memberships $25

Annual Unlimited Institutional Memberships $150

Please send checks payable to TACWT to

Daniel Bartlett
Lamar University
Box 10060
Beaumont, TX 77710 



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